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Softleaves  is a registered trade mark for Softcare Silicone UK Limited .

About Softcare Silicone UK Limited :

A British company , incorporated and registered in England and Wales .

Registration number : 04504338

Registered office  : 112 SCOTT HALL ROAD , LEEDS, LS7 3JE, UK  .

Vat registration number : GB 142470043 .

Softcare Silicone UK Limited was established in England by a team of medical doctors and surgeons , specifically to explore the potential of Silicones in the medical and cosmetic fields .

A British , Silicone based technology enterprise , with core competencies in the fields of Silicone science and high-tech silicone materials .

Our products and services are designed to benefit people and improve their quality of life , At the same time we want to create value through growth , innovation .

Today , our company provides performance- enhancing solutions to serve the diverse needs of customers worldwide. More than 20% of our annual sales are based on new innovative products.



Our brands are well recognized and respected. Each one has its own unique history. Together they make our company the force it is today.



Access Softcare Silicone UK Company websites from countries around the world.
www.softcaresilicone.org , www.softcaresilicone.co.ukwww.softcaresilicone.com , www.siliconesheet.co.ukwww.siliconesheet.eu , www.siliconebreast.co.uk www.pinkwaves.co.uk www.softleaves.co.ukwww.softleaves.com



Softcare Silicone UK manufactures and markets hundreds of products. Examples include:

in the breast care field
Softleaves ,PinkWaves
in the foot care field
Softleaves , Silixan, Silixen ,PinkWaves
in the field of high-tech materials

Softcare Silicone UK Ltd , incorporated and registered in England, registration number: 04504338

All our prices include Vat at the UK Vat rate.

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